Nothing beats the joy of running full tilt down a rocky trail under a canopy of sheltering trees. A cool day here means under 80, and the trees and plants look like they are a few minutes away from dehydration.

I started this site to share my experiences of running on Texas’s beautiful trails. Mostly in and around San Antonio and Hill Country, but also wherever my travels take me.

Texas has a strong community of trail runners, with many national age-groupers and even some Olympians in the mix. I am by no means an elite level runner, but I know some! There is also a strong community of amateur runners, and the trails in Texas cater to all levels.

This site will explore the area around San Antonio and wherever else I may travel. Look for trail descriptions, pictures, and advice. I’ll tell you about some awesome places to run around town. There are a lot of better runners than me in the area, so look for some interviews and other perspectives also.

I’ll also throw in other random stuff, like the pools I like to go to and other pieces of my Tri life.

So, if you are looking to go for a leisurely run on the Riverwalk, go for an easy walk on Leon Creek, or run someplace new, search through my blog posts. There is always more out there to explore!


David Bush

I am a middle of the pack runner that loves getting off the pavement and out on the trails. Got into running mainly for Triathlons, and love finding new places to swim too!

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