So, I’ve managed to successfully rope my wife into filming me at the pool each week.

We started last week with what will eventually be my “before” stroke, to be followed after the course with the faster “after” stroke.

She got ready at the end of the pool to walk beside me and get the side shots.  She signaled for me to go and I took off.  Down and back at an easy pace. At the end, I paused and asked how it went.

“You went faster than I expected, so I didn’t get a good shot.  Can you go again?”

So I did, down and back, easy pace.  “How was that one”, I asked?

“It was OK, but I got blocked by those poles down there.  Can you go again?”

OK, more of a pre-workout than I expected, but no prob.  I set off again, down and back.  “How did that go?”

“Really good!”, she said. 

Now for the “from the front” shot.  We set that up, and I went down and back.  She gave me the thumbs up when I got back.  Excellent!  We decided to do another lap and film so we would have more footage.

Down and back.  I focused on my form – hand entry, catch setup, pull through.  Kick with almost-dry ankles. Smooth timing, breath every 3 on alternate.  Accelerate through the pull through.  Oh yeah, I nailed it!

“How do I look?”, I asked after the lap.

“Hmm, “ she pondered.  “You need a haircut.  But I did get some really good video, you’ll like it.”

So, I got a haircut the next day.  And Coach Lucas actually mentioned how great the video and editing was!  “Wow, you cut these together very nice” (Coach Lucas,  June 4th coaching call, at 4:54).

Now, I work on my stroke!  Stroke analysis screen shot attached (not really, that’s just what it feels like to me).

Stroke Analysis: what you need to improve
From Video