Four days in, Ken Anderlitch is almost up to 200 miles on his Trans-Texas quest. He is just under a quarter of the way across Texas! He is going strong and has impressed the heck out of me with his consistent speed over this distance.

Outside of El Paso, Snow on the first day!

You can track Ken live here:

Please help support Ken’s charity, PayItForwardSA here:

Four days in, let me give you some “notes from the field” from his support crew:

(from Roel) Day 1

What a start. And it’s only just begun!

Ken’s GPS Track, Day 1

Ken just chatting it up with the crew and calling it a day with 44 miles. He charged through sleet, rain, snow and even bean and cheese burritos like a champ!

Three runners: @miguelyalater @mooreofrachelj and some local hipster along with a biker, @fws.motivation who helped ease the route navigating, and two @whitecloudmg camera men.

And a whole lot of love has helped ken ease into this journey.

Donations are up to a total of $16,200 and Ken’s stoke level is just heating up! We are staring down the barrel of the Guadalupe Mountains. Stay tuned and thanks for spreading the love and support.

(from Roel) Day 2

Day 2 is now presenting sunny and windy conditions. Ken’s second favorite food group!

Ken’s GPS Track, Day 2

He ran tough yesterday and rested best he could. It’s only gonna get worse before it gets better and Ken is no stranger to that Rollercoaster of a ride. So let’s keep pouring the support and love.

Hoping to reach the Guadalupe mountains, then push through Nickel Creek Station tomorrow.

@pay_it_forward_sa and their staff has been an integral part in helping provide shelter for homelessness and drug addiction. Even more so a house from one of the board members for us to use as home base for these first 3 days. They are true angels!

It truly takes a village! Ken is really getting in a groove. Sure he makes it look easy but, that just shows how hard he has trained and how hard he wants it!

It’s all cause it’s something bigger than him. That’s the kind of influence @pay_it_forward_sa helps with while going through hard times.

(from Roel) Day 3

Day 3 is behind us with Ken  knocking out a breezy 49.2 miles.

Ken’s GPS Track, Day 3

Hearing another man’s story, that drove 6 hours both ways to just say thank you, and run 20 miles with Ken, hit me right in the feels. And having an employee, an executive director and a board member from @pay_it_forward_sa was a true testament to what this is really all about.

People helping people! Go help somebody and tell me I’m lying. Or just hit that donation link on my page

(from Valerie Salas) Day 4

Ken’s GPS Track, Day 4

“Yesterday was absolutely CAPTIVATING! Kenneth Anderlitch finished hard completing over 49 miles and today is off to Orla, TX.

7:30 am, welcome back to the road.

This has been beyond an emotional experience. Meeting Ken’s team and supporters who came out to run who continue to overcome challenges through physical fitness is just beyond inspiring. Seeing the strength and perseverance of Ken while also seeing him so humble is the coolest! He’s literally running clear across Texas y’all!!!

Please consider supporting Ken on this journey to raise $50,000 for Pay It Forward SA! Pay it Forward provides the critical link between treatment and

long-term recovery through supportive sober living. It is vital organizations like this that are needed to provide an opportunity of life in sobriety for addicts/alcoholics like myself and my boyfriend.

Leaving this morning is bitter sweet, but I’m grateful to have had front row seats to Kens journey. Especially being able to experience this with Ben and watching him also walk in his purpose. It takes a village to complete this! So please also consider also coming out to support him by running or training him! Please keep sharing the link to reach Ken’s $50,000 goal!

Ice bath for the feet to reduce swelling

Thanks for the pictures from Roel, Fairweather Steve! Some crew pictures:

Trans-Texas Quest: Day 4

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