I was getting ready to go to the pool and had just printed out my workout set from my Coach for week 2, 2nd work out.  My wife happened to pass by and read over it. 

“Is that your workout?” she asked.


“Holy #$%@!  Are they trying to kill you?” she said incredulously.

“No, just trying to make me stronger and faster.“ I answered.  “Guaranteed money back if it doesn’t work.”

“And I live,” I threw in hastily just to be on the safe side.

“No wonder your so tired at night” she said.

“Well actually,” I replied, “that’s usually from the bike or run I do after the swim.”

She wandered out of the room saying: {unintelligible stuff}  “crazy!” {more unintelligible stuff}.

I finished getting my gear together and called out “I’m off to the pool”.

She came back into the room and gave me a hug goodbye “Have a good workout”, she said, and as she hugged me tighter, “I love how strong you are!”

I left for the pool with a big goofy grin on my face.

Week 2, Workout 2. “Kick Set” at the end is 900 meters of kickboard sets.