Boerne (pronounced “bernie”) was founded by German immigrants and is about an hour North of San Antonio. Its downtown area has old style two-story buildings and a multitude of antique stores and brewpubs. “Quaint” and “Charming” are usually included in any description of Boerne. My wife and I like to go there around Christmas time so we can visit The Christmas Store.

While my wife shopped, I headed out and took a run on two of the city’s trails. Cibolo Creek and then the Old No. 9 trail. This is about a 5k loop, but I did some out and backs for about 5 total miles.

To start (shopping or running), the best place to park is the free area at Main Plaza Park:

The trail entrance is on the West side of the park, tucked into the corner behind the Soviet-style concrete & metal restrooms:

North end of Cibolo Creek Trail

The Cibolo Creek Trail is nicely paved concrete and flat. It is pretty short (less than a mile), and meanders along the creek. Ducks and walkers are abundant. The trail ends abruptly at a dam, and I was a bit confused. Turns out the trail is not constructed all the way to Boerne City Park, where I thought it went. If you want to get to the park, you’ll need to take River Road about 1/2 mile to get back to the trail.

Across the road from the park is the Old No 9. trail.

From the road: start of the Old No. 9 Trail

If you ever feel the urge for a one mile long, straight, uninterrupted section of concrete with no elevation change, this is the trail for you!! It is built on an old railroad bed that once went to Kerrville. There are a few road crossings, but they are over back streets in the city, so no major traffic.

At the North end of the trail, you can double back for about 1/4 mile and take the bridge back toward downtown.

Bridge from Old No. 9 Trail back toward Main Street.

Here is the route I took:

Cibolo Creek Trail to Old No. 9 Trail

Instead of taking River Street to the park, I backtracked to Plant Ave. and meandered over to the Old No. 9 trail. If I go again, I’d probably just take River road to the park and do a circle around the park, before heading onto the Old No. 9.

After crossing the bridge, just exit the City Hall parking lot and you will be on Main Street. Just another 1/4 mile and you are back to the main plaza.

A short walk South on Main Street will then take you to the Cibolo Creek Brewing Company:

IPA run recovery beverage

Pro Tips:

  • Great place to combine some shopping and a run
  • Cibolo Creek Trail is an easy walking trail
  • Old No 9. Trail is about the longest section of a perfectly straight and flat trail I have seen.
  • Two public restrooms are strategically placed (see route diagram above).
  • These two trails combined are a good 5k
  • Combine a run around the Park for an easy 10k.
  • Highly recommended: before Christmas, around Thanksgiving, and you can see the Dickens Celebration. Fee wine samples, carolers, and Main Street is closed to vehicle traffic.
  • Brewpubs abound here. Get out and explore!
Cibolo Creek and Old No. 9

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I am a middle of the pack runner that loves getting off the pavement and out on the trails. Got into running mainly for Triathlons, and love finding new places to swim too!

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