Terra Oak Trail

The Terra Oak Trailhead gives access to one of San Antonio’s multi-use paved trails. It runs along Helotes Creek, and connects to the Culebra Creek Trail.

This is a flat, paved path that makes for an easy run or walk. Feels out of the way, even though it is within 1/2 mile of the freeway. Shaded by trees, it can feel a bit cooler than the ambient temperature. This is not a long trail, so it is best suited for a short run or a walk.

If you run to the intersection with Culebra Creek Trail, you have a few options. Turn left to run along the top of a watershed dam and take in the huge floodway zone. Or, turn right to head up to Culebra Creek Park. Either way, out and back can be about a 5k. This trail is not connected to the nearby Leon Creek Trail system, so if you run to Culebra Park, that is as far as the trail extends. All in all, just 2 miles of trail (including the watershed dam).

Pro Tips:

  • Address: 10140 Terra Oak, San Antonio, TX 78250 (Shaenfield exit from Highway)
  • Parking is not crowded at all
  • Across the street from WZ “Doc” Burke Elementary
  • Has a porta-potty
  • If you are adventurous, an old dirt road is off to the right (West) of the paved trail. Can get muddy.
  • At the dam, descend into the Culebra Creek drainage for more offroad fun.
Terra Oak Trail
Terra Oak Trailhead

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I am a middle of the pack runner that loves getting off the pavement and out on the trails. Got into running mainly for Triathlons, and love finding new places to swim too!

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