Confluence Park in San Antonio is located off of the Riverwalk trail at the confluence of the San Antonio River and San Pedro Creek. Park Link: There is a medium sized parking area, a learning area about local plants, and a trail that descends onto the Mission Reach of the Riverwalk. This park is just across the river from Concepcion Park, which also offers additional parking (and a public swimming pool).

This park is an architectural work of art and blends development with environmental stewardship. If you want to just hang out in the park, or have an hour of exploration with your kids, there is a self guided tour available that takes you through some of the native plants and eco-systems around San Antonio.

There are two historical sites that you can see on your run – Mission Concepcion and the site of the Battle of Concepcion.

For a run, I like to head out of Confluence, and go across the river to Concepcion to start out. Run to the East side of the park to see Mission Concepcion (about 1/2 mile inland, via the trails or Theo Avenue), then back to the River and head South.

Mission Concepcion

By the way – you just passed the location of the Battle of Concepcion from the Texas Revolution:

Heading South, you have a few options when the Riverwalk trail splits onto both sides of the river. First is at Theo Avenue (at the South exit from Concepcion Park), next is at VFW boulevard. The trail always meets back up, so go whichever way the wind blows you.

This is a nice, flat stretch and makes for an easy run. Unless it is hot. In the middle of summer this trail can be over 100 and quit exposed.

For a 10k route, continue South past the golf course to Padre Park and then turn around. If you want to continue from Padre Park, the Riverwalk splits. It goes inland on one side and across the river on the other.

After completing your run, you get some shade from the sculptures in Confluence park and you can also read the information displays about local plants and invasive species

Alternate Route: Flood Control Tunnel Outlet

An alternate route that is pretty fun is to turn North on the Riverwalk and go about a mile to Roosevelt Park. From the East side of the river you have a great view of the Flood Control Tunnel Outlet. You can also walk on top of the outlet, which is pretty cool too.

So, what is this structure? There are over three miles of 24 foot diameter tunnels under downtown San Antonio that redirect river water during a flood from the San Antonio River and San Pedro Creek, so the flood waters bypass downtown. This is super-fun to go watch after a heavy rain!

Pro Tips:

  • Usually not too crowded
  • Restroom is available
  • Run over to Mission Concepcion (1/2 mile to East) to get some culture in on your run.
  • Water fountain is available
  • Nice quiet place to park for your run.
  • Can get Hot! Bring extra water.
  • Go North to see the Flood Control Tunnel Outlet.
Confluence Park

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